Keep safe

Nights out

should be about fun
not fear

It is important to remember that, if someone commits an offence against you, it is not your fault. The blame for any of these offences lies entirely with the perpetrator.

We want to see a night-time economy where perpetrators stop committing these offences, but we cannot control the behaviour of these individuals.

What we can do, is share our tips that may help to keep you safe.

Let’s talk about

Drink Spiking

It is important to make sure you keep an eye on your drink. It’s easy to get distracted (we all do it), so make sure that you order a new drink if you aren’t sure whether someone could have put something in yours.

You should only accept a drink if you have seen it being poured yourself and are confident that it hasn’t been out of your sight before being passed to you.


There are foil stickers that can be placed over any size glass or bottle. They have small slits to allow you to put a straw through so you can enjoy your drink knowing that you have reduced the change of someone being able to spike it.

StopTopps are affordable and can be kept in your bag or pocket. We are working to get a local supply of StopTopps, but until then you can find them online


The Night Cap is a reusable product similar to the StopTopps. It doubles as a scrunchie so is great to wear on your wrist or in your hair. NightCaps cover any size glass and have a small gap for a straw.

We are working to get a local supply of NightCaps, but until then you can find them online in a range of great colours.

Drink Seals

DrinkSeals are a reusable cover that can be used on glasses from tumbler size up to gin glasses and everything in between! These come with a handy keyring case, made from recycled plastic. We have a large supply of DrinkSeals on the way, kindly funded by Guernsey Police and the Committee for Home Affairs.

We will be posting information about where you can collect your free DrinkSeal when they arrive in December. If you want one before then, you can order directly from DrinkSeals.


The Spikey is a recyclable bottle stopper that sits in the top of your bottle with just a hole for a straw.

We are working to get a local supply of Spikeys, but until then you can find them online.

Be serious about your

Personal Safety

Nobody left behind

If you’ve gone out as a group with friends, family or even colleagues, then it’s a great idea to follow the “nobody left behind” rule. Make sure that you know how everyone is getting home, and that no one is left behind without help.

Tell someone where you are

Even the best plans can go awry on a night out! If you end up somewhere different to where people expect you to be, let someone know. Drop them a message or share your location on WhatsApp (or any other app with location settings!)

Try to stay in the light

Where possible, try to stay in well-lit, public areas. We will be working to see improvements in Guernsey’s street lighting and CCTV in public areas, but you can help by making sure you stay in areas that are busy, where you can be seen and where you can see your surroundings.

Tell someone if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

You deserve to have a safe, fun night out. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe then tell someone like a member of staff in a venue, security, police or even just your friends. We know this isn’t always easy, but we are working hard to make sure that, if you ask for help, you get it.

Use a personal safety app

Technology is advancing all the time and there are some great apps available to help keep you safe. We recommend the Holli Guard app, which has some useful features like an alarm, location tracking, and allows you to set up emergency contacts who will be contacted automatically if you don’t make it to your destination.

Carry a torch

We all rely on our phones for a torch, but we also know that battery life isn’t what it used to be! If you’re planning on walking home then carrying a small torch will ensure that you will have a light to guide you home, even if your phone has let you down!


We love these police-approved personal alarms. They’re discreet and come in a range of colours; but don’t let their size fool you! When you pull the cord, these little gadgets let out a really loud alarm to attract attention if you need help. They also have a torch and can be attached to your keyring or bag.

We are working to make these available locally, but until then you can buy them online. With packs of three, these are great to keep in different bags/locations, or to share with your friends: