The Safety Night-time Economy Team (“Safety Net”) was registered as a Guernsey Charity in July 2023 (CH1035), but the story started two years earlier with Girls Night in Guernsey.

Girls' Night In

The Safety Night-time Economy Team (“Safety Net”) was registered as a Guernsey Charity in July 2023 (CH1035), but the story started two years earlier with Girls Night in Guernsey.

Girls Night in Guernsey was an initiative to boycott pubs and clubs in Town for one night (19 November 2021) in solidarity with Girls Night In boycotts happening across the UK. The boycotts were intended to raise awareness of sexual assault, harassment and drink spiking in the night-time economy.

An Instagram account was created for Girls Night in Guernsey, and word of the boycott quickly started spreading across the island, including in the local media. As more and more islanders started following the account in support of Girls Night in Guernsey’s aims, the inbox began to flood with messages from islanders – of all genders – who had experienced one or more of the offences.

On the night of the boycott, hundreds of followers shared their photos of their “nights in” to show their support.

The countless personal stories and overwhelming support from the Girls Night in Guernsey followers – which had climbed to over 1,300 islanders – encouraged the organisers to try to do more to improve safety for everyone. The mission became far bigger than a one-night-only boycott.

Making Guernsey's night time economy safer

The organisers then met with leads of Guernsey Police, the Committee for Home Affairs, Victim Support, and the Sexual Assault Referral Centre on multiple occasions to discuss how to make Guernsey’s night-time economy safer.

At the suggestion of the Committee for Home Affairs, Girls Night in Guernsey formalised its efforts by registering as a Guernsey charity. The decision was made to rename the group to be more inclusive and reflect the charities aims to make the night-time economy safer for everyone.

Safety Net’s Board of Trustees were appointed based on their professional expertise, personal experiences and commitment to making sure everyone has a safe night out in Guernsey. You can find out more about the Trustees here.


Safety Net aims to work in partnership with night-time economy venues, Guernsey Police, charities and other stakeholders to make nights out in Guernsey safer for everyone.

While there are many issues that can impact safety on a night out, Safety Net seeks to raise awareness of these three offences:

Safety Net seeks to:

Working alongside night-time economy venues, staff and the public, Safety Net aims to see Guernsey become a flagship for best practice and create a culture where everyone is safe, every night.

Board Members

Chair: Poppy Murray

Safety Net Founder

Poppy has been running public safety campaigns (BE LADS and Girls Night in Guernsey) since 2021 and has been working with police forces across the UK to rebuild public trust and confidence in the police. Alongside campaigning, Poppy is a Trustee for the Lloyds’ Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands and has an in-depth understanding of Guernsey’s charitable sector.

Poppy is a respected public speaker and campaigner. Her professional background includes working in the legal and marketing sectors, as well as within local media as a news reporter.

Treasurer: Sam Hamperl

ACCA Qualified Accountant and Co-Founder of the Second Meridian Brew Co (aka 2M).

As a liquor licence holder and co-owner of local micro-brewery, 2M, Sam regularly works alongside night-time economy venues, including in Herm.

As a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Sam adheres to the highest professional and ethical standards, which makes him perfectly suited to the role of Treasurer.

Secretary: Clare Arnold

Civil Servant

As the former Head of Health Management and Social Prescribing at Queen’s Road Medical Practice, Clare has a wealth of experience working with the public, including victims of sexual assault.

Clare has extensive project management experience, is highly organised and works methodically when faced with challenges. These attributes, alongside her professional experience, make her well-suited to the role of Secretary.

Trustee: Simon Allum

Director of Pingquay

Simon has over 30 years’ professional experience in Guernsey’s night-time economy as a licensee and venue owner.

He has long-established relationships with other night-time economy staff and first-hand experience of the challenges they face.

In addition to his professional experience, Simon has been the victim of drink spiking, and has a particular interest in ensuring that the efforts of Safety Net are directed at all genders. He hopes that his lived experience as a victim of drink spiking will help break taboos on the subject and encourage male victims to report these incidents.

Trustee: Vlad Avram

Managing Director of Liberation Group

Vlad has over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality and night-time economy industries. Through his role as Managing Director of the Liberation Group, Vlad has built strong relationships with licensees and his industry knowledge is invaluable.

Vlad is Romanian and has a particular interest in ensuring that Guernsey’s non-local residents and visitors receive the same guidance, support and protection as local residents.

Trustee: Adam Cole

Partner at Walkers (Guernsey) LLP.

Adam brings extensive legal expertise to the Board and will ensure that all efforts by the charity adhere to the Charities’ Law. He has strong relationships within Guernsey’s legal sector and will draw on the expertise of his network in helping to direct Safety Net’s efforts.

Adam is also President of the Amalgamated Boxing Club, with a wealth of experience in associated event management and public speaking. He is a positive role model for countless young people on the island.