Partner Venues

Safety Net’s primary focus is to work in partnership with night-time economy venues to ensure night outs in Guernsey are safer for everyone.

Safety Net has established a set of best practice guidelines for venues and will list “Partner Venues” on this page once the Board is satisfied that the venue is adhering to best practice.

This does not mean that the offences will never happen in these venues, but does mean that anyone who feels unsafe, or has been the victim of an offence, will be respected, supported, and believed by staff.

There are three levels for venues who are interested in becoming a Safety Net partnered venue. We will keep these lists updated regularly.

Level 1

registered interest
  • A level 1 venue will have registered an interest in working with Safety Net. these venue will have received our free starter pack
  • An information leaflet
  • Posters
  • A small supply of StopTopps

Level 2

in progress
  • A level 2 venue will have started to implement policies and procedures that adhere to the Safety Net best practice guidelines.

Level 3

partner venue
  • A level 3 venue is a venue which has been approved as a Partner Venue by the Safety Net Board of Trustees. To receive Board approval, a venue must have demonstrated:
  • A clear understanding of sexual assault, harassment and drink spiking
  • A clear understanding of the importance of supporting victims
  • Full and consistent adherence to the Safety Net best practice guidelines

Level 2 Venues

Sarnia Hotels

Please note: Venues are listed in alphabetical order.

Level 1 Venues

Amigos | Bad Habits | Balthazar | Canvas | Cobo Bay Hotel | Dix-Neuf | Farmhouse Outside Catering & Events | Fat Rascal | Good Rebel | Harbour Lights | Hotel de Havelet | JB Parker’s | Koi Koi | Les Cotils | Les Rocquettes Hotel | Liberation Group | Little Big Brew Co. | Moores Hotel | Pingquay | Prince of Wales | Puffin & Oyster | Randalls | Red Group | Ship & Crown | St James | St Pierre Park | The Cove | The Deerhound | The Doghouse | The Farmhouse | The Hideaway | The Imperial Hotel | The Rockmount | The Slaughterhouse | Thomas De La Rue | Venture Inn

Please note: Venues are listed in alphabetical order.